James R. Carroll, Jr., Esquire, Athens, PA
"I've had many people tell me that they get my newsletter and read it cover-to-cover. My goal with the newsletters has always been to remind past clients and contacts that I'm still here and what my areas of focus are. I also want them to remember me when a family member or friend needs a lawyer. Sending out the newsletters easily accomplishes that goal. Newsletters Ink makes it easy for me!"

Peggy Cahill, Law Offices of John Cahill, Menlo Park, CA
"As a small law firm specializing in personal injury cases, we are presented with a unique marketing challenge. We represent people who have been injured due to the fault of others. Once a case is settled, we hope the client will never have to use our services again. Our approach to this challenge has been to keep our name in front of our former clients in an effort to get referrals. We have been using a client newsletter from Newsletters Ink PLUS since 2001 as one way to accomplish this. Their newsletters are worthy of our marketing efforts, their staff has been great to work with, and we have recieved favorable feedback from our readers. I encourage anyone to consider employing Newsletters Ink PLUS as a marketing partner."

Maggie Gray, Accident and Disability Attorneys of Monge & Associates, Atlanta, GA
"Newsletters Ink PLUS provides my firm with print and e-mail newsletters. We really like how they make it easy to customize each issue while keeping the look and feel consistent. The alternative articles and the ability to make changes to the text allows us to keep the content relevent and personalized to our firm. My contacts are friendly, helpful, and always quick to respond to my e-mails. Overall, they make the whole process simple and my job easier."

Jo-Ann L. Copp, Engle-Hambright & Davies, Inc., Lancaster, PA
Last year, due to a personnel change at my company, I was given the job of ordering [imprinted] diaries from your company. I didn’t have a clue as to what had been done in the past, only that someone in our company ordered diaries and calendars from [Newsletters Ink.]

Kim was a pleasure to work with during my learning curve (which was steep, indeed!). She handled my many questions quickly, professionally, and with great compassion. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate her able assistance, cheerful demeanor, and overall good counsel.

I want you to know that Kim continues to be of invaluable assistance to me, even now. She’s a wonderful asset to your company!

James S. Lynch, Lynch Law Firm, Paramus, NJ
“Newsletters Ink provides a great service! They are very responsive and easy to work with. Their service helps us stay in touch with clients and former clients, who are our most important referral base."

Dr. Debra Womick Lee, D.P.M, Womick Podiatry Clinic, Newport News, VA
“We sent a 6” X 9” Magna-Seal postcard to our patients that had a 2010 calendar “sealed” on the back. We put an article about heel pain on the front with a great picture. The colors were vibrant and the size of the postcard really made it stand out. Newsletters Ink PLUS gave us everything we needed, including the content, to make the project work. Now our patients have a beautiful calendar magnet to hang on the fridge so they can have our contact information handy the next time they need us.”

Ronald S. Lepow, DPM, FACFAS, Senior Partner, Lepow Podiatric Medical Associates of Houston
“Sending a newsletter is, without a doubt, one of the most effective thing we have ever done with our marketing projects. Every quarter when the newsletter goes out, the phone starts ringing with new patients.

You’ve probably received information from Newsletters Ink PLUS and thrown it away thinking it’s junk, but it’s not. Newsletters tell people what we do. We’re in a large medical center, and we order enough to deliver to all of the other doctors here. This works great for getting referrals.

I highly recommend sending a newsletter and encourage any podiatrist to use Newsletters Ink PLUS to get it done.”

Brian Frederick, Joseph Frederick & Sons, Wilmington, DE
“We really rely on Newsletters Ink to help us stay in touch with our customers. The quality of our newsletters and calendars reflects on our company, so we want them to be consistently outstanding. And when our customers get those beautiful newsletters and calendars produced by Newsletters Ink, it reinforces their confidence in Joseph Frederick & Sons.”

Vince DiLauro, Columbus Auto Body Works, New Haven, CT
“Since we do mostly collision repairs, our customers only need to come in, on average, once every five years. Our marketing program is designed to keep our name fresh in their minds, so when something does happen and they need auto body work, they come back to us. The newsletter is a good way to stay in touch. We get a lot of compliments on the content. We used to do our own, in-house, but now we go to Newsletters Ink because it’s a whole lot easier.”

C. Eugene Moore, Lancaster Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America, Lancaster, PA
“It was such a pleasure to work with you throughout this experience. You helped us make the right selection among all the hundreds of potential presentation gifts that we could consider, you made sure that we stayed within our budget, and you went well beyond any customer’s reasonable expectation to assure that we were satisfied. “We appreciate your patience with us during a difficult decision-making process. We appreciate the intelligent, professional way you approached this project. And we appreciate the extra effort you extended on our behalf to bring us to a happy ending.”

Rob Greenstein, Attorney, Greenstein & Milbauer, New York, NY
“We love Newsletters Ink PLUS! They have been a tremendous partner in our marketing program. We’ve integrated a variety of imprinted promotional products from Newsletters Ink PLUS, and their marketing ideas have directly led to increased referrals from existing clients. They also manage our birthday card program and holiday cards. As an added bonus, they handle all aspects of mailing, including digitizing the mailing list, updating addresses by utilizing the NCOA, checking for duplicates, removing bad addresses, and using bulk rate postage. They are very responsive to our needs, and their customer service is outstanding. I recommend Newsletters Ink PLUS to my colleagues with confidence.”

Hal Ornstein, D.P.M., F.A.C.F.A.S., Howell, NJ, Chairman, AAPPM
"Many of the most successful podiatric practices, including mine, have one key element in common: each of them is doing a customized newsletter through Newsletters Ink PLUS. They make it easy to send a professional, effective newsletter to your patients that will help differentiate your practice. I strongly encourage you to give them a call today to get started."

Douglas S. Robinson, D.P.M., Campbell, CA – AAPPM Member
"For the past six years, I have been using the services of Newsletters Ink PLUS, and it has been a great experience! I send my newsletter to current patients as well as distribute them at special events and lectures. Newsletters Ink PLUS gives me the flexibility to highlight new technologies and surgeries in each issue. I really appreciate being able to keep my patients informed and, at the same time, show them that I am keeping up-to-date in my chosen profession. Patients who read my newsletter are often prompted to take action. They not only respond when they first receive the newsletter, but also continue to respond to it months later. I also appreciate how my newsletter presents information in a professional, but charming, tone." (back to top)

Frank Verderame, Plattner Vederame, PC, Phoenix, AZ
"For the past ten years, our firm has been using the client newsletter program created by Newsletters Ink PLUS. The newsletter has exceeded my expectations  Whenever we send a newsletter out, we see an increase in calls from clients and other attorneys who refer us business." (back to top)

Gary E. Rosenberg, Law offices of Gary E. Rosenberg, P.C., NY
"Newsletters Ink PLUS combines great products, great customer service, and a keen understanding of the challenges that trial lawyers face every day." (back to top)

"Studies show that we receive thousands of commercial messages daily. With Newsletters Ink PLUS, I am in my potential clients' heads before they even need me. I circumvent the Yellow Pages and other conventional forms of advertising by being there first. If there's an accident and potential new case, my newsletter is somewhere
in the home: in a magazine rack, on a coffee table, in a desk drawer, or the like. Current clients get a feeling of gravitas from my mailings; and they know that even if I don¹t call them with regular case updates, I am still
around." (back to top)

Jedd Bogage, Law Offices of Jedd E. Bogage, CA
"I have been a Newsletters Ink PLUS customer for seven years. I find their product an excellent, cost-effective way to keep the specific type of legal service that I provide in the forefront of the minds of my business contacts and past clients. Moreover, I find the content and presentation professional and something with which I am proud to have my business associated." (back to top)

Corey J. L. Walker, Walker & Billingsley, Newton, IA
"Our firm has utilized the services of Newsletters Ink PLUS for over a year, and we've been very satisfied with both the relationship and the results. They send out custom newsletters, postcards, and birthday cards for us. Their staff is great to work with. In fact, working with our Newsletters Ink PLUS representative... is like having a marketing assistant on our payroll. I appreciate what they¹ve done to help our law practice, and I highly recommend them."
(back to top)

Kim Hatch, Community Relations, Lancaster General Hospital, Lancaster, PA
“Working with Newsletters Ink PLUS enables our health system to conduct cost-effective niche marketing of our services. Their rates are very affordable, and the courteous staff provides prompt, quality service." (back to top)

Ron Haugen, Owner, Westside Auto Pros, Clive, IA
"When we send the newsletter out, the phone rings for days with customers scheduling appointments, regardless of the coupon we placed in it." (back to top)

Benjamin W. Glass III Attorney at Law, Fairfax, VA
"I wanted to take a moment to write to thank you for the superior service that we have received from Newsletters Ink in regards to our firm newsletter. We highly recommend that other plaintiff's attorneys use your firm's services. Prior to using Newsletters Ink, we were producing a quarterly newsletter from this office which involved a lot of time in writing. We feel that it is important to do our small part to get the word out to help balance the misinformation that is put out. Of course, producing a newsletter of our own was extremely time consuming. For a lot less hours we are producing a very high-quality and very well received newsletter which both informs and advocates to our readers. Everyone who I have worked with in your organization has been extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. We are pleased to continue our relationship and will encourage other plaintiff lawyers to strongly consider producing a newsletter and using your organization to facilitate the job." (back to top)

“Postcard marketing is the‘hidden secret’ of direct marketing. It works because it doesn't have to be opened. Newsletters Ink PLUS took an idea that I had for the ‘mini-newsletter’ postcard and turned it into a fantastic product."
(back to top)

Drs. Bloch and Gertler, General Dentistry, Teaneck, NJ
A few times each year, the dental office of Drs. Bloch and Gertler opens up on a Sunday and invites 60+ children to gather with 8 hygienists, 6 doctors, and a magician to celebrate the joy of good dental checkups. Dr. Gertler told Newslink, “The postcards from Newsletters Ink PLUS are a cost-effective invitation to the party. Michele (Barron) is always a pleasure to work with and your design department never disappoints us. Over the years, Newsletters Ink PLUS has helped us with newsletters, postcards, and even newspaper ads that attract new people to our office and help to brand us as a unique, family-friendly dental office.” (back to top)

Jennifer Esping, Owner of Jen's Hallmark, Lawrenceville, GA
"I have been amazed at the number of customers who comment on how nice it is. I get a very professional newsletter with minimal work on my part--it's the perfect solution for a busy manager/owner. On average, we have 26.5% people return to the store to use newsletter coupons--the most successful being the "Free Gift" coupon with a 51% response rate!

Our IAT (individual average transaction) has increased nearly 5%, averaging $12.45 per sale. Our sales have also increased by 10.2%.

We will continue to send six newsletters a year to our valuable customers, and would be happy to talk to anyone who would like to know more about the program." (Editors note: Anyone who would like to talk to Jennifer Esping about her store's experience with Newsletters Ink can just call our office and we'll put you in touch with her.) (back to top)

Paul Friederichs, Co-owner Jenny's Hallmark, Menomonee Falls, WI
"We're amazed at the traffic we've gotten from the coupons in our newsletter. Our first newsletter brought in over 160 coupons in just two weeks! We ran a second nearly two months ago, and we're still getting dozens back each week. Since we ran our first Gold Crown newsletter, our overall business is up 34%!" (back to top)

Andrew Shumsky, Greg Diehl & Eunice Haag, Owners Gloria's Hallmark, Royersford, PA
"We have been very pleased with the newsletter program. We are especially happy with the flexibility Newsletters Ink gives us from issue to issue, while still maintaining a consistent format. The coupon offers have been very successful and have driven a lot of people into our store. Our free card offer brought in better than 10% return. Our customers really enjoy receiving the newsletter, and we believe it distinguishes us from other retailers." (back to top)

Douglas N. Heinze, O.D. Howell, MI
"I used to think the best way to communicate with my patients was to publish my own newsletter, but I couldn't afford the time and the effort necessary to do the job. Then I found Newsletters Ink! Now it's easy to give my patients a professional newsletter that keeps them informed on what's happening in the eyecare field. Plus, I have the option to write my own copy...and our newsletter helps my practice keep pace with practices that use other forms of advertising." (back to top)

William D. Burnett, O.D. North Vernon, IN
"Our newsletter is one reason why our patient retention is so high...our patients like when we keep in touch and inform them about practice procedures and policies." (back to top)

Bryan Kaiser, Optical Manager Peachtree City, GA
"Our patients love this newsletter. The feedback we receive is always so positive. It's by far the most effective and simplest way we've found to communicate with our patient base. And thanks to your courteous staff, we're able to produce our quarterly newsletter in just minutes." (back to top)






























































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